Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tech 3 Update: A Call To Arms

I couldn't find the Tech 3 razor at Target, yet Target has some Schick items that Wal*Mart did not, so I came home and did some Google stuff.

Seems there is a message board/blog or several dedicated to shaving products and performance. Who knew?
Amongst my newly acquired knowledge bits:
--I was reminded that Wilkinson Sword is parent of Schick. I knew that long ago.
--Gillette has done very well in it's marketing and kicking Schick's ass for years now.
--In response, Wilkinson Sword seems to have reached the point of going guerrilla, to chip away at Gillette by any means necessary.
--Wal*Mart seems to have struck a deal with Wilkinson Sword to re-brand the slower moving Schick Products under an economy line, in this case "Wilkinson Sword", as it has largely disappeared from the American marketplace, yet still harkens a 'oh yeah, I know them' from some of the older generations.
--By partnering with Wal*Mart, W/S can get their economy brand before as many consumers as possible and the upside for Wal*Mart is giving it's budget-minded consumers one more reason to eschew Target.
--I'm all for eschewing target, by any means necessary.
--Tech 3 blade cartridges are made in the USA, unlike their competitors.

This move could have larger ramifications for the personal grooming industry in the long run.
IF Wilkinson Sword succeeds enough in this latest Battle Of The Whisker Busters, downward pressure would be applied to the costly Gillette products (mainly, the Mach 3).
Should this scenario take place, I expect Gillette to launch a new marketing campaign stressing hi technology processes or something else like that to justify the higher price in the consumer's mind...that they will move first to protect the profit margin before engaging in price reduction. Or maybe a combination of both.
Either way, Gillette won't take this hit in the breadbasket laying down.
Keep your eyes open. This could get interesting.

If Wilkinson Sword can sell the re-branded Schick blades at a substantial price reduction and still do it profitably enough to be worth while... why cant Gillette stop gouging us with Mach 3 blades made in China?

Lather up and join the fight, fellas.
Gillette's been jewing us for years. I'm fed up and throwing in with Wilkinson Sword.
Tech 3 forever!
Go to Wal*Mart and get yours today.


Brian said...

It seems that Wal-Mart is the only place you can get these things.

Great for most of the country, not so much for me. Nearest one is 11 miles away, in a direction I never travel.

Mr. D said...

Or you could buy the private label versions of the same thing, which Target and Walmart both sell.

Gino said...

brian: you need to branch out more

mr D: no way. i learned 30yrs ago generic/store brand razors wont work on me.

WIlkinson Die Hard said...

It appears this product line has been eliminated from my local Wal-Mart shelves. Say it ain't so!!! I love the Tech 3. Quality at a great price.

Bob said...

I have also been unable to buy any more W/S Tech 3 blades. Did someone say they have another name for the same product? If so, what is it, so I can get them. I tried some W/S Speed 3 disposables and they were disappointing. I have tried the Schick 4 blade stainless product, but it is not sharp enough and gives me a rough shave. I don't care for 4 blades anyway, it is a slab of knives that will not fit as it moves around in those places that you prefer not to cut off as you shave. Further, if I am to be known as a hacker, I prefer that it not be with a razor. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been a big fan of these blades too, I still have one more eight pack for myself.I contacted Wilkinson via email and they stated its been discontinued for lack of demand.