Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Trying to avoid paying too close attention to the race, this is my take:

Mitt Romney: the most potential president on the stage, but he still reminds me of Darrin Stephens.

Newt Gingerich: Politically brilliant 89% of the time, an ass 11% of the time.

Rick Santorum: needs a few gay friends and fewer Jewish ones.

Herman Cain: the GOP equivalent of the coolest black guy in the room.

Michele Bachmann: 'better prepared than Palin' does not a Thatcher make.

Ron Paul: 90% spot-on, 10% delusional. But it's the 90% that confuses the others.

Rick Parry: Guns + Jesus = Texas 2.0

Jon Huntsman: the other Mormon.

Gary Johnson: who?


Brian said...

I'd mostly agree, except that Newt's alleged brilliance is really just pomposity. You're not the first to get them confused.

Gino said...

so he's like more like Obama?

nah... newt has put together tremendous accomplishments over his career.
and intellectually, he might be the sharpest and broadest knife in the block.

Anonymous said...

Delusional? Because we've become a country of complacent couch potatos who can not see past the flatscreen and can't possibly pull our heads out of our flatscreen asses to vote for The Constitution? O I C

Gino said...