Saturday, October 1, 2011


Based upon a book by the same name, Moneyball is the story of one man's (Billy Beane) attempt to rethink the game and restructure a small market team (in this case, the Oakland Athletics) that could compete with larger economic powerhouses such as the Yankees.

Defying the collective wisdom of baseball's best minds, Beane takes a more analytical approach to player recruitment relying on a different set of stats in order to find undervalued players.
Anybody who follows baseball already knows of the eventual success of the new paradigm.

If you're looking for dramatic story telling, go elsewhere. This is about baseball, not broken hearts, vengeance, romance, comic books or any of that other stuff movies are usually made of.
Instead, it's just an excellent baseball movie.
Check it out.

If you really, really like baseball, see it twice.


Jade said...

We're hopefully going to go see this. D and I always seem to enjoy sports movies, even though we don't watch sports ourselves.

Gino said...

its as much about business, maybe more so, than the sport itself. there is baseball, but not lots of baseball action.