Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post Op

Surgery went as expected. I lay down, they cut me, I woke a few hours later all woozy and painful.
I asked for more meds and they dished on command. What's not to like about that?

What was scheduled was a three-part procedure:
Artynoid Adduction: to twist the laryngeal cartilage, putting tension on the paralysed vocal cord and moving it to the center of the voice box.
Laryngoplasty: another shim/implant, to replace the previous from last December, inserted into the cord to lock it in place.
Reinervation: connect a nerve from the other side of the neck that would eventually 'take' and create vibration in the paralysed cord.

Doctor came around later and informed me that things had not gone as smoothly as hoped. Too much scare tissue had prevented the reinervation from taking place.
This was disappointing, but not a total wash. If the rest works, I should still have plenty of voice to alter my life for the better. The reinervation was more of an 'icing on the cake' so to speak.

He explained how my 'stuff' is not in the best physical position. The previous big project (three years ago) had left things rather messy, and proper positioning of the implant was frustrating (his word). This was expected.
The downside... the previous implant had disintegrated.
We already knew something hadn't gone well with the previous surgery but now we know why.
Seems my body doesn't want to cooperate as it should. But we already knew that when all of the variuos injections that were supposed to last 3-5 years were fading away after about a week.
There is very good chance this implant may disintegrate as well.

Doctor is hopeful, but cautions me to be realistic concerning my body's history of noncompliance.

Time will tell, I guess.
In the meantime, I'll remain hopeful.
It's all I got.
Well, that and a really cool scar to show off.

For the next two weeks I am on vocal restriction: I am not to speak. At all. I need all the healing I can get if I am to help make this thing work. The wife is grateful for that.


RW said...

Your history of noncompliance. Well DUH...!

Foxfier said...

Glad you woke up, and I'll keep praying.

Mr. D said...

Even if you don't speak, rest assured that we hear you loud and clear, Gino. I'll keep praying, too!

John said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope this works as well as hoped, and perhaps longer than anticipated. John

Night Writer said...

I didn't see duck tape anywhere on the list of things to do. How can anyone expect to fix anything without duck tape?

Watching and praying.

Anonymous said...

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