Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready For Some Football

It looks like the Bears have made a couple of upgrades going into the new season, although the proof will have to show itself on the field over the next several weeks:

A very effective tight-end, Greg Olsen has been traded to Carolina for a 3rd round draft pick. Olsen was quite productive for us in the past, but doesn't much fit in the Mike Martz offense (that I am still not sold on). Martz like blocking tight-ends, not receiving ones. Olsen was always a Red Zone threat, probably our most reliable one. I'm sure the Panthers are a better team with this trade. The Bears I'm not sure of.

Finally, a potential #1 receiver joins the team: Roy Williams has arrived via Dallas. According to reports, this was a Martz pick. Williams had a good career under Martz in the past, but that was 5yrs ago. A lot can happen to a WR in 5yrs. Call me skeptical but hopeful. On the up side, his presence on the field should open up opportunities for Hester and Knox, making them more dangerous.

After 13yrs and 183 starts, the Olin Kreutz era came to end. That is one start shy of record holder Walter Peyton. Not enough can be said about Kreutz's contributions to the team on and off the field and in the locker room. This is not necessarily a good departure, but I fail to see the downside. Kreutz was passed his days as an elite Center. His main contribution at this point was knowledge, wisdom and moral. Personally, I'll miss watching him get after opposing players who dared to touch his Quarter-back, or delivered a hit to another Bear. He was the 'heart and soul' of the Offensive line... An Offensive line that hadn't managed to offend anybody the last two seasons except Jay Cutler. It was time to go.

Kreutz is being replaced at Center with free agent Chris Spencer from the Seahawks. Spencer is a little bit bigger and five years younger. I'd say we upgraded on this one. I'm still waiting for additional upgrades to the O-Line. I have a feeling they won't be coming. Maybe the addition of blocking Tight Ends is suppose to compensate for the weak O-Line? We'll see.

I remain positive that the Bears can make a real solid run this year and beat the Packers for the title again.


Mr. D said...

I remain positive that the Bears can make a real solid run this year and beat the Packers for the title again.

I hear those NFC North Division title t-shirts and ball caps are pretty nice. I like my Super Bowl XLV Champions ball cap very well -- it's quite handsome, actually, and the big Packer "G" logo is well placed.

Seriously, the Bears will be as good as their defense, which didn't get addressed this time around.

Gino said...

the D was rock solid last year. no big changes were called for, but there were a few tinkerings to keep things up to date.

and yeah, i got your snark. it wont happen for you this year though. you didnt get your breaks til your first team got hurt. kudos to the coaching and a hungry second squad,though.

and this time, the Bears might brong some O to the game. (fingers are crossed)