Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evan Williams

Oakish and grassy scent followed with a little sugary char, after which the alcohol comes through.
A wash of vanilla on the tongue mixed with oak. Void of many complexities or subtleties, it's a traditionally generic taste: a full 'bourbon' flavor with a rugged finish.
Blue collar, it gets the job done without shame nor want. What you'd expect from an everyday swigging bourbon.
I would imagine that if you were using it for a marinade or for cooking, then you found the right one. A good mixer,too.

About $12-13 at BevMo. It'd put it next to Rebel Yell on the shelf. Similar in class, with a different character. If you're on a budget, pick this one.


Brian said...

Also, he founded Blogger and Twitter!

I find this too cloying to drink, but it is my go-to for cooking. Especially my patented bourbon sweet potatoes.

Gino said...

bourbon sweet potatoes? that combination sounds cloying in itself.
i hope you dont put marshmellows on top,too.

Brian said...

The key is not to add any sugar to the puree.

Just puree, bourbon, a bit of seasoning, and egg to bind. The crust is (usually) pecan, brown sugar, and flour, plus cinnamon and nutmeg.

And butter. LOTS of butter...

Gino said...

ok. now i'm intrigued.
sounds southern.