Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cowboys And Aliens

An unnamed loner with a funky wrist shackle appears in the New Mexico desert and wanders into a town that is soon attacked by aliens, who kidnap some of the town folk.
Lots of weird happenings as the stranger, who by this time has been identified as notorious outlaw Jake Lonergan with amnesia, forms up a posse and leads them on a trek to battle the aliens and rescue the hostages.

Daniel Craig plays Jake Lonergan. He puts forth a fairly decent cowboy portrayal that reminds me of characters from westerns of yore with his mannerisms and attitude.
Olivia Wilde is eye appealing as a warrior alien from another world who's come to earth to help in the fight.
Harrison Ford and Keith Carradine, as local boss and sheriff respectively, mail it in as only they know how...

All in all, not a bad diversion. Nothing original, either. I was reminded through out of other movies from years gone by: Close Encounters, Battle: Los Angeles, Krull, Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator... the list can go on forever. I've mostly given up on seeing anything original in the theaters for a while, so this is as as good as anything else out there.

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