Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old Forester

Sweet vanilla scent combines with oak. Around the edges, a little nutmeg. It's rather inviting.
Smooth and creamy, brown sugar and caramel on the tongue. Pepper and spice is strong up front, with a very mild burn in back where I prefer a little more balance. A dry easy finish, if short, a little more of the oak comes through.
It's even smoother with an ice cube.

Can't remember what I paid... somewhere tween $10-13 at BevMo. It's actually a good bourbon for the price. Definitely more subtle and complex than Evan Williams, which is in the same budget category.
I like it.

I'm come to fully believe that marketing has more to do with the price of a bourbon than it's taste and quality, just like with beer and coffee. If you can convince enough consumers that your product is a cut above, they will pay the extra $5-10 a bottle 'cause 98% of them wouldn't know the difference anyway.
That said... for me, Wild Turkey is still the baseline standard that all others are compared to.

Being off work for a while has left a lot more time for sleeping it off, so I'll be back at the liquor store more often. Come to think of it, I see another pilgrimage in the very near future... like tomorrow.

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