Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Had lunch with my daughter this afternoon. She took me to a Chinese-style Ramen house in Irvine called Ajisen Ramen.
They are an international chain, with locations throughout China, Taiwan, Japan and the USofA.

Nice, very clean and casual place, staffed with a harem of young asian babes who put the 'oo' in cute.

(clickie biggie)

I ordered the Ajisan Ramen, the house standard bowl, with sliced pork, boiled egg, shredded cabbage and various green floaters.

Decent ramen, with a meaty-flavored pork broth that clings to the palate, served warm, but not the scalding temperature that is usually a hallmark of great ramen.

The soup was, as I said, decent, not that great, and I've had better at some most mom & pop ramen houses nearer to where I grew up. And these guys are rather chintzie with the meat and portion sizes.
Not that the meat mattered much. Unable to choke it down, I passed it over to the daughter, who commented approvingly on it's tenderness and flavor.

If I go back, it'll be to gawk at the wait staff, not for the food.


RW said...

no no no, pictures of the CUTIES! Sheeesh...

Gino said...

well, my daughter was sitting right there. she wouldnt have apreciated my obvious gaking, or shutterbugging.

Palm boy said...

I think a blog like this is a perfectly good excuse for shutterbugging.