Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here We Go Again...

Earlier in the week, with the reports of Gov. Mark Sanford (Cad-South Carolina) being 'missing', out of contact with his office, out of town, out of the state, hiking the mountains ... or wherever they said they weren't sure he was, I kinda liked the idea.

Think about it: the primary political power of the land doesn't think it's all that important to stick around wielding power. What's not to like? I was hoping the idea would catch on with other office holders nationwide, maybe even start a trend that hopefully will spread to the entire government of California.
A change even I can believe in.

Instead, Sanford was in Argentina, banging some broad dear, dear friend he met online. Before this, he was seen, by some, as a potential 2012 contender for the GOP. Now it appears his expertise in foreign affairs isn't quite what they were looking for.

Hopefully, for the sake of his four children, Sanford and his wife can work out their differences, as he claims they are attempting to do. Maybe even repair their marriage and live happily ever after?
My advice to Mrs. Sanford: learning how to scream "Si,Pa-piii!" at the right marital moment just might help.

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