Friday, June 12, 2009

Food Blogging

Another trip to the therapist just had to result in another stop in Little Saigon.

Today's adventures:

Xôi Lạp Xưởng: sweet sausage with sticky rice. I've had this several times in the past. Best served warm, it's composed of sweet rice, a sweet flavored Chinese-style sausage, mushrooms and shrimp.
A slightly nutty, mildly sweet, and just a little bit salty taste, all mixed together.
Not as chewy as I'd prefer, but I did manage to choke it all down.

As you could see, I had already gotten started on it while it was still fresh.

This a new one, never even seen before. Haven't a clue what the hell they call it.
Real simply, it's a french baguette, split in half, dipped in a tempera-style shrimp based batter,... and deep fried. Got chopped green onions and shrimp on top.
Greasy is good, and this is good and greasy. Slightly crispy, nice and chewy, with the batter really permeating the crevices of the bread.
It has all the elements of what presently constitutes good eating for this man, and the flavor is addictive.
Too much of these and I'll getting that 45lbs back in a hurry.

It's not my intention to turn this into a food blog, but there ain't no crime in blogging about food, is there?


PeppyPilotGirl said...

Absolutely not! Looks tasty. And fattening.

kr said...

Yay food! Congratulations :)! Yum!

Mark Heuring said...

Actually it looks really good. Vietnamese food is very tasty.

Brian said...

Oddly enough, I don't recall encountering either of these food items in Vietnam. Though I'm pretty sure I've had something very similar to Xôi Lạp Xưởng at dim sum, before...did it come wrapped in a lotus leaf, by any chance?

Gino said...

mark: some is good. some of it tastes like dirt.

brian: no lotus leaf. served just the way you see it in the pic.

they wrap leaves around a few things, but since i cant see whats in them, i take a pass.

when i build up some more confidence, i may return to the arab joints again.