Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dude Vs Food

The trip back home from therapy takes me through Orange County's Little Saigon, and it's a favorite chomping ground for me..
I stopped in a Vietnamese bakery for something I've been craving for several months: xôi la dua, a type of sweet rice cake.

Basically, its a layer of mung bean paste sandwiched 'tween two layers of sweet rice, sweeted with sugar and coconut milk, sprinkled with sesame.
Hearty and filling for a snack item, they're damn good.

Chewey and semi-sticky, I thought I could handle it.
I wasn't disappointed.
It went down like a champ, and I am a happy dude.

I'll be going back tomorrow.


Guitarman said...

It's very green isnt it!

Brian said...

Hey, you can live off that stuff! It's delicious!

Happy to hear of your progress...

Mark Heuring said...

Good - glad you found that. And I'm guessing you're still on the hunt for some Pho, too!

Gino said...

mark: had pho tonite.
went down great, cept for the meat kept getting stuck. at one time, i had to step outside and self-heimlich.

but now i know...

Night Writer said...

Mmmm...mung bean paste.