Friday, May 15, 2009

Blog Borrowing

Today, I'm tacking in a different direction.
I found this quiz over at RW's place.
It's kinda fun, and seems fairly accurate enough.

Here are my results:
The Lone Wolf

High Maintenance? Not at this house!
Neediness never crosses your threshold, and you're not in the habit of forcing
people to bend to your will. If it comes to that, you'd rather go it alone.

That's not to say you want to go through life alone—when love comes your
way, you embrace it. But you always let the other person have lots of space, and
like to have quite a bit for yourself as well. It's no skin off your nose if
they want to have friends over or go out and do something you don't want to do.
And you don't mind being by yourself once in a while and forging your own path.

But remember while you're out there being the lone wolf, even wolves
snuggle up in the den on cold nights. You may find you both feel more loved if
you enjoy some activities together. Don't stop being easygoing—it's great that
you don't bully people into doing what you want to do or doing things for you.
But make sure people have an opening to be with you, even to help you or dote on
you, because love sometimes means allowing yourself to be loved.

Yeah, I'm fairly bullshit free in the partnership category. And equally adverse to it as well.

Go HERE, take the quiz.
And since I'm parroting RW today, I'm asking you to post your results as well.

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Mark Heuring said...

The Patient Pleaser

You're clearly a loving, understanding, go-along-to-get-along person. But you may want to address whether you're getting as much as you're giving. It may be that you're simply not addressing your own demands. It may be that you yourself are dating someone high-maintenance, even bossy. But whenever there's a hint of disagreement, you're willing to give up your aspirations for love and attention so that the other person can have his or her way.

Don't for a second lose your pleasant demeanor. But don't be afraid to push back once in a while with a request for a change or a demand for attention. Even getting into an argument can be healthier in the long run than bottling up your emotions. And you may just find that the other person respects your love more when you stick up for yourself.
Man. And here I was trying for the "anti-social putz."