Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Daily Curse

I got my first set of eyeglasses when I was 15.  Evidently,  I had been near sighted for years without knowing (explaining why I was such lousy player in Little League, I guess. It's hard to run for a fly ball that you can't see til it's too late to get under it.)

Nearsightedness is not what it used to be and as the years go by, my eyes get worse. As it stands now,  I cant see shit from halfway across the room unless I have my glasses on, and I cant see shit within arms reach when they are.

I've tried bifocals.
I can't handle them, can't get used to them, and wasted too much money on three pair of lenses already.
OK, so bifocals will not be a part of my life. I'm set in stone on that issue.

So I live a life where the glasses come off, go on, come off, go on... repeatedly...  throughout the day... even several times during the same task.

While the glasses are always coming off it stands to expect that they are also too often misplaced. Just experienced such an episode today. Took three hours to find where I had left them, and I was really hoping to watch some TV in that time.

Part of this is my choice of style, I guess. I tend to prefer the minimal dark wire frames. The ones that blend in easily to whatever surface they have been laid upon, making them difficult enough to see as it is, let alone for somebody for whom seeing is more difficult.

So now I'm thinkin... my set of frames should be Elton John style: huge garish things with neon glitter and flashing Christmas lights on them.
Sure, it's kinda gay... (ok, so it's a lot gay...) but at least I wont miss a football game any more.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

It's not football yet. But make to post pictures when you get teh Gay. I'm having difficulty imagining it.

Brian said...

Put 'em on a chain around your neck, old man.

(Says the guy who started using readers over his contacts at 25.)

Anonymous said...

Get a lanyard for glasses. Lotta guys use them. That or always wear shirts/t-shirts with a pocket.

Good Luck!