Thursday, August 22, 2013


Clear evidence shows that the govt of Syria has used poison gas as a weapon against civilians. In a situation like this, I whole-heartedly endorse the United States taking action to lead a coalition to punish that  Assad guy.
He must hang.

It doesnt mean we need to send troops to engage in the fighting, but I would like to entertain the idea of sending Special Forces under cover to carry out an assassination or kidnapping of sorts...

Or, just maybe... we could locate and drone the mother fucker or something.... and then walk away, making our point that some shit is just too 'over the top' for civilized people to accept.

Assad acts as he does because he feels that he is untouchable. He's got the Russians backing him up, and nobody really wants to take on the Russians, do they?

No Problem... Drone his murderous ass, and let the Russians deal with that.
They will not, because they can not.

It will send a message to all the other crack pot dictators: Cross the line, and you may die... and there is nothing your (equally murderous) Russian buddies can do about it.

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Bike Bubba said...

I'd shed no tears if Assad's home and/or air bases went up in smoke, but something tells me that somebody better be thinking who's waiting in the wings.