Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

The Bears tore it up against the Vikings today. I guess they were a little pissed off from the hosing the 49'rs handed them last Monday.
As I type this, the Packers are getting their asses handed to them by the Giants. Bears will linger in first place a little longer. This is good.
Funerals and mortuary services are highly expensive items that will leave your survivors reeling. Corpse handlers want their money upfront, not next month when policies and shit are cashed in.  Keep that in mind.

My advice to each and every one of you:
Stop whatever the hell you think you might be saving up for... and plow that money into some sort of burial fund, and purchase a grave in advance.
Seriously... you owe it to your bereaved ones.
I don't write much about politics anymore because I no longer trust any single source of information. I feel that both parties are more akin to the Hatfields and McCoys crossed with the Gambinos, Crips and Bloods, who use their supporters as stooges in a game where only the insiders are supposed to win.
If you are a partisan, you are also a stooge.
"Cap and Trade" is here, in California, as of last week or so...
I'm wondering how much longer til my employer decides to make boxes in Arizona instead.
He already does, of course, and previous expansions also took place in Arizona as opposed to California, where the customers are.
Right now, it's currently better for business to manufacture much of it 'there' and truck it to 'here'.
The question at this point is not 'how much more', but 'how much longer until it all goes'.
For the record: all of the 'Union, pro-worker' candidates and ballot initiatives passed this month, again, as always... so at least we got that going for us....
Am I the only one who saw the sprinklers go off during the Sea Hawks-Dolphins game and immediately thought of a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?


Bike Bubba said...

Gino; the irony is that your employer is probably putting far more carbon into the environment by manufacturing in Arizona. As my brother (an ardent environmentalist BTW) notes, all too often, "environmentalist" is defined as "person who cannot do math."

(e.g. Al Gore with his Ds in science from college)

Not quite sure why you are insulting the Crips and Bloods so much by comparing them to political parties, though. :^)

RW said...

My livingwill instructions are no wake, no funeral, no burial. Ashes & do what you will. Lol... nobody'd come to my wake anyway & I don't want to give anybody the satisfaction of actively refusing to come. :-)

Gino said...

RW: yet, the corpse handlers will want theirs just for taking you to the bbq.

and just for spite: i WILL hold a wake for you, and invite people so they can refuse to attend.

Bubba:yeah, at least the crips and bloods are honest about who they are.

Bike Bubba said...

RW; maybe instead of paying for the cremation, allow your detractors to take part if they'll foot the bill? :^)

(BTW, despite differences, I'm not rooting for your death!)

Somehow, I'm reminded of the old joke about why Paddy was afraid of dying; the wake was going to be the biggest party ever involving him, he was paying the bill, and he wouldn't even get a single drink out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

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