Monday, November 26, 2012

Cowboys: No Longer 'America's Team'

Texans going wild with 'secession fever,' bumper stickers everywhere
I'll just go on record in full support of Texas Secession.

Just think... we can say... "yeah, well that George Bush and that Lyndon Johnson guy didn't really count cuz they weren't one of us, ya know?

Them Cowboys, too. Hate them all out..."

Maybe we can get Oklahoma to join them, though I'd really miss certain parts of greater Fort Smith. (That be the parts without Injuns in them, O.K?)


RW said...

Let me be the first to encourage Texas to GTFO. And nothing of value was lost.

Brian said...

What's funny is that with the rate at which the urban centers in Texas are growing, and with the number of transplants moving in, Texas is likely to be a very different political place even a decade from now. It may even become a swing state in a couple of cycles.

If Texas seceded, it would probably be just as politically polarized a country as the US is now.

Of course, if Texas actually seceded, there would also probably be a substantial exodus of people and capital, at least initially, so who knows?

It's all academic ain't gonna happen. Secession is the Republican equivalent of threatening to move to Canada.

Gino said...

dont know how quick TX can turn, but one single event turned CA from an eternally purple history to Greater Berkley in 10yrs: the end of the Cold War.

aerospace jobs withered away, and the skilled workforce (many Reagan democrats) along with the entreprenuerial class, migrated elswhere. i think TX got the lion's share.