Saturday, November 3, 2012


I know a few kids (not really kids in their early 20's, i guess) who would willingly shovel shit for $5 and hour, if only such a job existed. It's sad.
Never in my life have I seen a job market this non-existent, and thank God every day that I still manage to hold on to the employment that have.

I remember the Jimmy Carter years better than I'd like to. No way in hell any sane person would expect his re-election once an opponent got the chance to make his own case. Lucky for us, that man just happened to be Ronald Reagan instead of somebody with less vision.

Given what I know about the current state of economic affairs it is a fools bet to think that President Obama should win re-election.
Sanity, from my perspective, would predict a Romney landslide.
Given that Romney is Romney, and lot's of folks don't really like what passes for the GOP image these days, I would change that 'should be a landslide victory' terminology to denote a lesser victory, yet still a decisive one. Maybe a 100 point electoral advantage, as opposed to Reagan's much larger one.

All this aside, I'm still pretty positive that we will have a President Obama for four more years. I just don't see somebody who holds messianic status among so many (a foolish, stupid many, ok?) finding himself out of office.
There is too much at stake for them.
It can't happen.

USC Trojans hosted the Oregon Ducks today.
It is always a good day when USC is served a loss. Such a day is even better when it is served up by Oregon in Los Angeles.
Oregon Ducks, my favorite college team, is 9-0.
I like that.
I like that almost as much as I hate USC.

Chicago Bears are 6-1. Yeah, how cool is that?
The only problem I see for the Bears is that being 6-1 against six teams with losing records anyway is not big deal.
Not A Big Deal is made worse when the one loss comes at the hands of Green Bay, their only opponent that posseses any stones of their own at 5-3.
(Well, ok, the Colts are 4-3... not like that is bragging rights with a rookie QB so early in the season...)

The Offense still struggles and at many times appears to be out-right castrated. Castrated Offenses do not survive the play offs. That's just the way it is.

And it really hurts that it was Green Bay that delivered that one loss.

I'm just hoping that the Bears O pulls it together lest that they be destined to finish the season as Green Bay's bitch once again.
Because that would suck.


John said...

I've got to agree with you. Sadly I think you may be right about the election, but I'm betting the media polling has enough bias that it is only masking the resentment of most voters.
Unfortunately, even if elected, Romney will be no Ronald Reagan.
USC - ditto
I am afraid you're right, da Bears will not have a long post season run

RW said...

Translation: my messiah sucks less than your messiah.

Meh. We can have a shape-changing millionaire with magic underwear or a drone flinging war criminal so far as I can see. What's great about that choice? Nothing.

I'm down to wanting Obama to win purely to have the fun of watching the reactionary pinheads here whine and piss and moan for another four years.

Other than that pass the vodka.

Brian said...

The shape-shifting magic underwear guy will be a war criminal, too, given the chance. So at least there's that.

As for the vodka, I did my part today. Started with the bloody marys around 11 am, and it seems to be dark now. It helps.

Gino said...

whoever wins, we will have the reactionary pinheads pissing, moaning and whining...

but i will(hopefully) have moved beyond that.

Mr. D said...

Well, your Bears made Tennessee look pretty bad. There is that.

Bike Bubba said...

Vodka? I thought it was supposed to be Victory Gin! And I'd like a pint; not half a liter (too little) or a liter (too much).

Night Writer said...

It comes in pints?

Bike Bubba said...

I think that was the Victory Beer, actually, but it is from the book. Introduced me to Imperial measures!

K-Rod said...

And the Obama Great Recession continues

John said...

Another reason to dislike USC.