Friday, September 24, 2010

On The Road Again

I'll be hitting the trail in the morning, taking the northbound route (my favorite). Destination: Seattle.

Going up to check on my daughter, who moved there a few weeks ago to begin a new life. That, and she's been calling every other day wanting to know how soon I can visit. I would prefer to hit the passes before winter's snow sets in, so the present seems to be the wiser choice.
(Now, watch it snow or ice or something as soon as I pass through Redding.)

Plans are to be back in SoCal sometime next Friday. In the interim, you'll have to settle with whatever posts Tully can throw against the wall.


Brian said...

Safe journey...see you Monday night!

RW said...

If you go through Weed, give my "almost home town" a kiss for me.

tully said...

I always say "If you throw shit against the wall long enough, eventually it will begin to smell more like shit than you could ever have expected"

kr said...

It was fun to see you, Gino :).