Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Health Care Talk

That is how much my medical plan, through my employer, costs per month.
Doing the easy math, it roughly amounts to $10 per hour of my earnings that I do not receive in cash.
Thinking about it, and that medical care in this country is said to be about 17% of the economy, I'm easily paying for my own share, plus other's share as well.

If we go the route that we are currently headed, toward a government supplied health care system, I would be better off paying a national sales tax of over 30% to cover, and taking the costs through my employer home with me in earnings.

Health care expense is generally a generational thing, where the geezer folks rack up huge costs in an attempt to delay death while the younger generation that does most of the wealth creation and needing very little health care, by comparison, paying the frieght.

Basically, we who work provide for those who do not.
Nothing is going to change that. And, due to a wide range of reasons, it's kind of crazy to expect somebody to save up all their life for health care expenses in their old age. So, going to a 'pay your own way, individually' system isn't going to work.

So, what's the answer?

I'm thinking a form of national sales tax. I think this is what Canada does, but I'm not sure.
This tax will go to fund a health care system that everybody will be paying in to. Nobody would be exempt, but those who have means would still be able to get the higher end stuff through paying out of pocket.

As a precaution, a sort of check on quality and availability, anybody who serves in political office or works for the government, or is an appointee or whatever, would be disqualified from seeking care outside of the common system.

Your thoughts?


RW said...

Out of curiosity, what was the total $ amount charged for the procedures you've had in the last year or so? Not what you paid for it, but the actual net $ cost? Did you ever price that out?

Brian said...

I've come around to 2 things:

1--a two-tier system that includes a government (taxpayer) supported single payer and no prohibition on seeking care outside that system (if you can afford it) is probably the least bad system that might actually exist.

2--i have absolutely no faith in the American political system to reform health care without massive subsidies going to the insurance, health care, and pharmaceutical industries.

Bike Bubba said...

I had a similar thought to RW's; when big expenses come, it's nice to have some kind of insurance.

That said, I'm not that much younger than Gino, and I've bought major medical insurance for my family of seven (good health, no smokers) for about $500/month in the past year.

So how do you fix things? I think you simply de-couple insurance from employment, most people will go major medical, and suddenly people are going to start thinking about controlling their weight and stopping smoking in a way they haven't before--when they see that obesity and smoking add 50% to their insurance bills.

And let people know; you earn lung cancer with fifty years of cancer sticks, or heart disease with fifty years of obesity, Medicare ain't picking up the bill.

Gino said...

rw: i havent a clue. i imagine i could find out if i wanted to put the effort in.
i did get a bill for one MRI, under sedation for $520.
i've had at least 5 of those,so far. the latest one was just this week.

i really want to know how much that formula costs for 7+ months, but couldnt get a price when i asked.

i been paying for 25+yrs, and this is the first time i ever cost 'them' any money, but, like my friend said 'you kicked their ass last year'.

Gino said...

brian: thats basically what i'm saying.
but i want those who are responsible for the system to be truly held to account.