Saturday, April 10, 2010

Facebook Will Steal Your Soul

Whoa, it's been nearly a week already. Again.
OK, I'm gonna have to set Mafia Wars aside a little sooner and get back to what I'd really rather be doing more often.
 It's just that Mafia Wars is easier.
Cause, ya know, somebody else already did all the work, and I all have to do is click on things that look cool, and watch cool stuff happen whenever I do.
Lazy. Yeah, that's what I am. But that's no revelation, either.

And while I'm on the topic of facebook...
How cool would it be if you were the son of some really cool spectacular dude  and you was just starting break out into a semi-spectacular dude of your own after living a whole (young) life trying to live up to what you think your super spectacular dad would be proud of if only he had lived to see you grow up but you tragically died in a freak movie stunt while completing your big breakout into spectacularness, leaving behind a world of heartbroken and heartsick fans and friends...
and years later your 'friend' request shows up in the in-boxes of people you went to high school with?

And if you were the recipient of this request, wouldn't it just creep you out a little bit?
I still don't know how to respond to this. I'm a fan of the dude. The person, I mean. (I liked his professional stuff,too)  He was cool. And I understand cult followings. At least a little bit, anyway.
But something inside tells me Brandon needs to rest in peace and respect, of which mine he has.
It would be different if somebody set up a 'fan' page. But this is not that.
This is a profile page.
As if he was reaching out from the grave, or something...
It ain't right.
Yes, I know about the cult following, and that of his dad's is near religeous in nature.
I wouldn't see the same issue if this was his dad's fanbase doing this. His dad was uber-international-intercontinetal-super-big, and some things are to be expected, if not accepted, when you were that big while struck down that young. It's about context, maybe?
I don't know.

I just know that something about this one just creeps me out a little.  I still haven't brought myself to see that final movie, that he didn't finish, that made him the star that lead to this cult following. Someday, when I can, I will.
I haven't yet deleted his 'friend' request,either. Maybe tomorrow.


Brian said...

If you are talking about who I think you are, his (and his dad's) graves are within walking distance of my house. It's possibly the most beautiful spot in town.

So you guys went to high school together?

BTW, yeah the Facebook thing is kind of strange...

Gino said...

thats him.
and yes, we did. just one yr, and he left for another school.

i didnt know him personally. just generally. he was cool.

tully said...

"OK, I'm gonna have to set Mafia Wars aside a little sooner and get back to what I'd really rather be doing more often."

Yeah, but Mafia Wars is free, whereas that other thing you do requires subscription fees, anti-virus software, tissue paper and lots of lotion!

Gino said...

tissue, lotion? what for?