Sunday, April 25, 2010

Losers Win

OK, so I broke down and saw a comic-based movie. Didn't have too much of a choice in matter, anyway, but I will admit to enjoying the hell out it.
The Losers is based on a early 70's comic written around some CIA commando force.
In the movie, the Losers are stuck in Bolivia after being double-crossed on a job gone wrong. A few twists and turns of the plot, but everything is rather predictable.
In Bolivia, they are befriended by another specialized somebody, Aisha (played by Zoe Saldana), who agrees to smuggle them back into the States in exchange for their services, which center around taking vengeance on the super secret operative boss who set them up.
The shoot-um-up stuff starts early, and doesn't let up. It's basically a string of gun fights and explosions tied together with a plot. I like the way this was put together. The action is not just fast, but comes at you and jumps around the battlefield in quick takes, almost like you were seeing images of action, instead of allowing your eyes to get focused on what was going on.It was quite annoying at the start, but got better as I allowed myself to appreciate the technique, to get my mind working as fast as my eyes so as to make sense of what I was watching.
But it was Aisha who got my motor humming for 90 minutes. Zoe Saldana, whom I was previously unfamiliar with, is just too smoldering sexy hot to ignore. Damn.
That girl knows how to keep my attention with a sultry combination of sexuality and kick ass.
She's awesome.
The movie is pretty good, but so much better cause she is in it.

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