Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Quick Dump

Hoo-boy, we've been slow here at Shreds House the past couple weeks. I chalk it up to two things: I'm really tired of politics. Not the issues and discussions. I'm always up for that. But it's just the politics that turn me off.

You know... where one side gripes about another side, and even I know, that if the sides were reversed, there would still be the same gripes. Partisan hackery sucks balls. And that is all most blog politics is.

Although, it is amusing watching the Republicans get all cheesed at the Democrat's plan to use the 'nuclear option' to pass health care when their own side was too sissified to do the same thing over something far less, like judge appointments.
Make's you wonder who's really getting punked, don't it?

The second thing: I've been heavily involved in some very serious side business, as I build a mafia family and take over New York and Cuba on facebook.
Soon, not even the Russians will be safe from my criminal predations.

I'm leaving the floor open to you, my illustrious readers who routinely sully yourselves with regularised associations here.

Pick a topic.
Ask a question. I don't care.
Call it. I'll do it.
Or about it.

Oh, yeah...
Did anybody see something about some wetback who is protesting being a wetback, or something like that, and wants to march on Washington to demand that 'wetback' not be used to identify wetbacks? I just caught a whiff of it, so I'm low on specifics.

I guess I need to google that one.


tully said...

Have you seen these Pringles now that come in a bag? Do you consider that an acceptable delivery method for Pringles? Am I the only sane person here?

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Well, you live in California. Berkley is in California. And student rioters are in Berkley. What gives with them? Are they French youths? The Upper Midwest demands an answer!

RW said...

Why is cable TV basically 600 channels of total shit I have to pay for when I remember there being five channels of free stuff that was a hundred times better? And does the fact I pay for the service now mean I am a complete idiot?

Brian said...

Unintended consequence of smoking bans: children in bars. Specifically, children in my bar. If I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon with children, I wouldn't be IN A BAR. And no, I will not stop saying "fuck" where your precious darling can hear it. I don't come to your daycare center with a sixpack, do I?

Mr. D said...

Okay, Gino -- here's a question. Why does California attract so many annoying European political types? I mean you've got Ah-nuld, Arianna Huffington and now this Frederick von Anhalt dude running for governor? Why doesn't California just vote for David Hasselhoff instead?

Guitarman said...

It's been almost 24 hours since the second coming of the Bears resurrection has happened and you have yet to go on a rant on how the Bears will now be the favorite to win the NFC Central. With Peppers they might be a little more competitive anyway!