Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bearing Down

Free agency is on, and it's looking like the Bears made some improvements.

Adewale Ogunleye and Adrian Petersen (no, not that AP) are both free agents, and have been replaced with Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor, both better than the man they are replacing.
Ogunleye was good, don't get me wrong, but Peppers brings another level with his freakish package of size and speed.

Now, let's hope they work on the real problem from last year: fixing the O-Line.

The Bears have made some expensive moves that better pay off, or the Jerry & Lovie Show will be soon hitting the road.
And I think that's what is going on.

Now, in response to Guitarman's snark:
I will predict the NFC-N will come down to Green Bay and Chicago this year. Favre will not be back, and without him, the Purple Favres will be just Purple again. No ring for you. Still. And yet, again.


Guitarman said...

Chester was pretty good, but when you have Iowa phenom Albert Young chomping at the bit (and quite a bit cheaper) you can afford to let him go. Now just hope the Vikes use the money they saved to get a better right tackle to protect the man....yeah Favre.

K-Rod said...

I don't know how the Bears could not have made improvements.

*cue Joplin*
...da bears are just another word for nuthin left to lose...