Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just a Thought

I'm about as fed up with this whole health care thing as anybody. Tired of hearing about, tired of reading about it, tired of seeing protests about it.

But one point about it has stuck in my head lately: as it stands now, this has absolutely nothing to do with health care of any kind for any body. Nope.
Now, it's personal. Pelosi and Reid and Obama do not want the L in their column, and will stop at nothing to enact it, with nobody really knowing what 'it' contains, which is a moot point now, anyway.


tully said...

Oh, I just wrote in reaction to your pregnant pause. I guess the pause wasn't long enough!

RW said...

The whole thing has nothing to do with people anymore. It's all about the mid-term elections. But it's not just that crew who doesn't want the L, it's also about the other crew that doesn't want to see a W for the first crew. And if anyone thinks either side is fighting for principle over L's and W's, they're the sheep either has been counting on all this time.

If it isn't obvious to anyone by now that neither party has the interests of the country at heart but is only interested in their seat, I'd like to try some of that hashish koolaid they're drinking just for the mindless bliss it seems to create.

Gino said...

"neither party has the interests of the country at heart but is only interested in their seat,"

yeah, mostly.
i believe if they thought it helped them politically, the GOP would have fallen in line with this whole healthcare scheme.
they are only conservative when elections matter.

they had several yrs of control when they could have propsed and enacted some of these reforms they bring forth now. but they didnt. who bought them off?

K-Rod said...

It never really was about people in the first place, just DC politics as usual.

Mr. D said...

who bought them off?

Anybody and everybody. Which is why if they return to power, they will be on a very short leash.