Friday, March 5, 2010

Newfangled Pringles?

Tully brings up the topic of Pringles in a bag.
I did some digging around and found out he's is partially correct. Don't worry, traditional Pringles still come in a can, and always will, I assume.

But, now here's the twist, Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Pringles, decided to capitalize on the brand's popularity with a different kind of 'chip' and calling it a 'Pringle'.

Pringle Selects do come in bags, but are smaller and thicker than the real Pringles, and are offered in various 'gourmet' flavors to appeal to a higher-end snack eater.
To me, that concept is all a bunch of crap.
And I'm dead sure that what is presented as 'sun-dried tomato and basil' flavored Pringles Select tastes coincidentally similar to the 'pizza' flavored Pringle.

As for the Pringles can itself, here's a bit of trivia:
The guy who designed/invented/whatever the Pringles packaging was so proud of his product that after his death, his ashes were interred in a Pringles can, as per his wishes.
Crunch on that next time you eat a Pringle. Personally, I prefer eating them in stacks of four.


my name is Amanda said...

Now you've just made me hungry for Pringles. I always loved the Sour Cream and Chives ones. Grrrr.... They are soooo bad for you!

("NO PRINGLES, Amanda!!!")

(That is me telling myself I am not allowed to eat Pringles.)

Gino said...

you want an experience? try the fat free pringles. eat about 1/4 the can, and then RUN like hell to the water closet.

tully said...

Truth be told, I think they suck whether in a can or a bag. I've tried the Paprika flavored Selects in Italy, and was not impressed.

Mr. D said...

Sounds like an experience I can do without, Gino.

RW said...

I'll stick to the glutenous homogenized processed wonderfulness that is the oversalted originals.