Sunday, February 15, 2009


Drew Peterson fiancee hopes for summer wedding

Yeah, that Drew Peterson, the former cop and most eligible bachelor of Bollingbrook, Illinois.
A woman who previously called her engagement to a former Illinois police sergeant suspected in his wife's disappearance a publicity "stunt" says their engagement is real and she hopes to marry him this summer.

Christina Raines told NBC's "Today" in an interview broadcast Friday that her father has made it clear he won't attend her wedding to Drew Peterson. The 24-year-old woman's family is scared for her safety.

But he will be at the funeral, so I've heard.
She didn't directly address her claim earlier this month their engagement was a publicity stunt.

Peterson has been named a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife. His third wife died in 2004, and the death was later ruled a homicide.

The 55-year-old Peterson has denied any wrongdoing.

This guy keeps shagging and marrying these girls 20-30 yrs younger than he. And, if suspicions are correct, killing them, as well.

What's this guy got that the young women can't seem resist?
Is he really all that attractive?
Come on, ladies.
Let's hear it.


Jade said...

Wow... that's a really bad picture of the guy. I looked for some news clips to see if I could get a sense of his personality. I don't know - he seems fairly self confident, sometimes that can be enough to pull a girl in... and then the girl feels lucky to be with someone who is so self confident (particularly if the guy is good with mind games - strategies to make the girl feel like she can't do any better) If he's been at this a while, he'll be skilled in finding women who'll fall for that sort of thing.

Which is frightening.

Gino said...

so that's what i need. more self confidence, and then the 20 somethings will flock to me.

too much drama.

Palm boy said...

You would be the strong silent type right now. That would work in your favor, since the youngins just want someone to listen to their babbling anyways.

kr said...

you have to have some combination of these:

* look like you've got spare money
* self-confidence (can be sourced from "I've made a pact with Satan" if the woman isn't listening to her spiritual instincts, or if she has also)
* signs of physical health (vigor, etc.)
* signs that you do not share a close genome with the woman (recent study suggests this is scent-based and more or less confirms entirely that women are the part of the species that selects for safe-genetic-distance; I suspect it is a good explanation for why women find accents attractive and perhaps why we like to choose "from the wrong side of the tracks")
* you are skilled at making a woman feel emotionally fulfilled (and it is a skillset; men who can only do it instinctually lose the ability when they are stressed)

or of course you can be a rescue-case

This guy is a rescue-case (his honor, after all, is somewhat besmirched, poor suffering fellow) and, for that sort of level of wool-over-the-eyes, a very skilled emotional manipulator. The money and health things might play (I didn't do my internet research like Jade). And self-confidence would be a big one at this point if he's pulling this trick successfully. (If he were innocent, I'd think his self-confidence would be shot, not having been able to protect three young wives in a row.)

I definitely, myself, get the "sociopath" hit off of the picture you used, and would be very distressed if I needed to be in the same space as the fellow :P. Yuck.