Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Progress' And 'Alabama' In The Same Paragraph

The first colored American president taking the oath of office is a historic event. And many folks are understandably thrilled by the idea. (personally, I don't give a shit).

But does the idea itself have to bring out the morons questing for an existence?

Alabama NAACP criticizes use of Trail Maids in Inaugural Parade

"Azalea Trail Maids"? Who the hell thought of this idea?
I know,I know... it's a free country and all, and if young women in Alabama want to dress up like mutant Peeps and parade shamelessly in public that should be their prerogative.
Besides, traditional Southern culture seems to be under attack on many fronts these days so a little harkening to the past may be a good thing. And if it keeps these girls out of trouble, so much the better, right?
So, I'm giving Alabama's goofy young ladies a pass on this.

But not Colored People spokesman Edward Vaughn. He wants the Azalea Trail Maids banned from the parade. They remind him of slavery (as if he,himself, ever remembered it).
He wants to showcase the great (his word) progress Alabama has made. Well, I been to Alabama, albeit briefly. I didn't see any progress going on there at all. And I felt the compelling need to lock the car doors and roll up the windows while driving through Birmingham. (Needless to say, Birmingham could use a few more Trail Maids, and a lot fewer colored thugs, walking the streets.)

Sure, Alabama does have some shame in it's past. And gaudy dresses on women are not one of them. While the streets of Birmingham are a shame today.
A colored shame, Mr Vaughn.
Maybe you need to be outraged at that,instead.

Aside: now that we have a colored president, isn't it time for organizations such as NAACP be disbanded?


whall said...

I have no idea what a Trail Maid is. Does it have chex, m&m's, nuts, pretzels, raisins, and crackers in it?

Brian said...

Hey, today's blighted inner city is tomorrow's trendy neighborhood for overeducated childless white professionals. Trust me, I would know.

(Did I mention I might be moving to Birmingham end of this year?)

kingdavid said...

If you look closely, the Trail Maid in the lower right hand corner in pink is a black woman. They obviously don't discriminate because of race.

Gino said...

whall: just ruffles!

brian: remember to lock your doors and windows. its dark there.

KD: that one must be an uncle tom maid.

tully said...

America, from the time of our forefathers, has been a virtual trail-mix of peoples, cultures and creeds. Who makes the trail mix?

The trail maids!

(Wasn't that hysterically funny?)

If I may quote Thomas Jefferson, "Sally, what did I tell you about adding too many raisins in the mix. Fetch me a switch and kiss me, woman!"

Not very funny, but I encourage others to take a shot at reviving the Jefferson-Sally Hemings joke. Let's hear one, Gino!

Jade said...

"These are not just regular costumes. These are the costumes that remind someone of the plantation in Gone with the Wind,"

Actually, they reminded *me* of The King and I - so I suppose it depends on which movie you like better.

kr said...

mutant Peeps

LOL--so loud it was almost a bark--THAT was frikkin hilarious ;).

(although that group shot of them on the steps, I definitely see where you got the idea!)

Those dresses are so ridiculous I think I want one. Or perhaps several. Although, those pastels are not my best colors ... I might have to do some not-in-character superfly eye makeup to carry that off.

What an interesting choice from the Inaugural Committee.

I trend NAACP on this one maybe ... but feministier in my concerns ... but seriously, 11 girls of color is pretty good for what must essentially be a festival-princess group (I remain worried about the festival-princessy nature of the thing) ...

... I just hope to Heaven that these girls don't get made too much fun of, because so many people don't remember to edit for youth ... and they are only in high school. It would NOT be OK for them to get nationally panned, that would be horrible. If there are errors in the assumptions that caused the group to exist, I hope these girls don't end up taking the emotional brunt of the attacks.

On more interesting thing to watch on Tuesday.

Gino said...

i always figuered you as the peasant dress type.

some research: this group of girls is taken two from each of Mobile's high schools to serve as hostess/ambassadors for the city. i guess its a big deal to win a slot on the team.

although, if it was portland, i'm sure there would guys in those dresses as well.

kr said...

guys? ;) undoubtably :).

Although ... well, wait, I think we still only have girls on the Rose Court, and no Rose Festival King since the 20s or something ... so, maybe not.

I am a peasant-dress type, yep ... but I like to dress up, too :).