Monday, January 5, 2009

No Reservations

I first became aware of Anthony Bourdain over a year ago, maybe almost two years ago, through online buddy and know-it-all RW. This was back in his food blogging days.

Brian, also a fan, just came back from Vietnam after doing a little Bourdaining of his own.

As I said, I became 'aware'. Meaning, I knew he was there, and little else. Never watched his show on The Travel Channel. And never gave him another thought.

All that changed a few weeks ago. Being stuck in recovery, unable to do too much, I spend much time killing boredom through channel surfing, and ended up surfing my way right into Bourdain's show.
Now I'm hooked.

For those who don't know:
In "No Reservations" (Bourdain's show), he travels the world to exotic lands and eats the food. Some of this stuff is truly bizarre, but he eats it anyway.
He's funny,wry, and self-deprecating. A professional chef with a punk attitude who doesn't take himself too seriously but puts out one hell of a good show, while taking the occassional no-so-subtle shot at some of those other chef hosts on Food Network (Rachel Ray seems to be a favorite target).

Been watching all reruns, as I'm a very recent fan, but the new season starts tonight.
If you haven't yet, check him out. You'll be glad you did.


tully said...

Me too. This is about the only show that can keep my eyes glazed mindlessly on the boob tube, neglecting my studies. By the way, yours is the only blog that accomplishes the same!

tully said...

(lord knows why- I guess it's the quality of guest blogging that keeps me hooked)

Jade said...

:) I love this guy... he is so fun.

If you want dry, sarcastic wit you should watch "Dirty Jobs" too... that dude is awesome.