Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Clown Car Uterus

I'm sure you've all heard about the Miracle of LifePharmaceuticals that took place at a Kaiser hospital in Bellflower, CA.

If you've missed it, some woman gave birth to eight kids a couple of days ago.

Now it turns out this guppy woman already has six other kids.

This is what I find bothersome.
After already establishing her own ethnic group, why was she still on fertility treatments?
Now, I'm not one to down folks for excessive childbirth. In fact, I believe large (and larger) families should be celebrated, if not encouraged.
But there comes a point when ethics says you've gotta stop screwing around with the natural flow of things, lest you make a mockery of what should be treated with reverence.
Though the family involved has requested anonymity at this time, you can't hide eight diaper bags forever. Eventually, we'll get to the full story and I suspect there will be a doctor called upon to answer a few questions from his governing board.
At least I hope so.


Jade said...

The part that I have to laugh at in this article:

"The eighth baby was a surprise to the parents and doctors who had been expecting only seven children." - only seven?

The story about her already having 6 kids is hearsay at this point though... someone could be jacking the radio station around. But to answer the question as to why she'd need fertility drugs after having had 6 kids... it's entirely possible that she wasn't ovulating on her own, doesn't matter how many kids she has already had - body can shut down after a birth (speaking from experience)

Having said that...

6 kids is A LOT... and I'm more prone to ask why anyone would WANT to have more... on top of which why they'd want to go through such an incredibly dangerous pregnancy like that - it puts everyone's lives at risk.

Mark Heuring said...

Wow. Post title of the year.

Brian said... there any tread left on the tires or is it basically like throwing a hot dog down a hallway at this point?

Jade said...

Oh Brian... that is bad. I'm still laughing at the visual... but that's so bad.

8 babies were delivered by c-section, so in that regard there was no wear and tear on the tires... and even if she had delivered naturally they were all tiny. It's when you have to squeeze an 8 pound bowling ball out a hole the size of a golf ball that you have to worry about stretching.

Brian said...

Just to be clear, that is a (slightly butchered) quote from Family Guy.

I wish I could be that foul and clever simultaneously. However, I can usually only manage one or the other...

Jade said...

Ah OK... now I can hear Peter Griffen's voice.

Nice. :)

whall said...

I'm confused. You mentioned ethics but also said she was in California. Doesn't that automatically mean....


Gino said...

... that the mother was a transgender?

not in Bellflower, but in Laguna Beach, those would be the odds.

kr said...

Hey now, as a mother of four (the smallest was 8-4 and the largest was 10 pounds), I object to the suggestions that 8 pounds
1) is big (it's not 'big' for a full term baby, America just doesn't let babies go to term anymore) and
2) makes me less desirable as a bedding partner ;).

And off flies Super Neo-Feminist Woman, whoosh!

Jade said...

kr - I'm not suggesting 8 pounds is big per se... just larger than 8 one pound babies would be - and therefore there's more stretching involved.

Gino said...

they were all c-section anyway.
no stretching required.