Thursday, January 19, 2017

Whoring The Sidebar

I've been a regular follower of The Lumberjack since about the first day of my blogging life. A prolific producer of witty photoshops, he's actually more like the blog version of the traditional political cartoonist.

He doesn't usually do much in the way of writing most times, but there is this saying about pictures equaling words. In this respect, he pretty mouthy.

He created this image 8yrs ago. Google it, and you will find it has been borrowed by several other sites as well. He's now merchandising it just in time for Trump's inaugaration. All proceeds, I'm sure, will go to benefit somebody or something or maybe even himself...
Either, or or whatever... It's a worthy cause.
And what better way to commemorate the end of the Obama era?

Well, what you waiting for?
Click over there and give him your money!

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