Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tapping The Brakes

I'd like to comment on President Trump's recent order barring people from certain Muslim countries for 90 days, or something like that...
But I can't...
Because I do not trust a single news source out there to give me an honest take.

Instead, I'll just explain my thoughts on the issue.

First off, every single nation has the absolute right to decide who does and does not enter their territory. This is what it means to be a nation. Take this away, and nationhood ceases to exist in any real sense.

We got that right, right?
(if you disagree, just 'click' the fuck out of here now, ok, because we got nothin else to talk about...)

Is it a good idea to tap the brakes on refugees coming from Muslim lands? Well, considering the terror threat and all, I'd say 'Yes'.
ISIS has already declared their intent to infiltrate the refugee hoard that invades Europe, so where is the issue here?
Why is there even an issue?????

Yeah, I know... only 1% of Muslims suck, or something like that... and the other 99% are totally cool. I get that.
I also get that it only takes one of those muslims-that-do-suck to create a disturbing level of havoc.

The San Bernadino Christmas party that became a massacre hit me a little closer to home that most people know.
It occurred in a neighborhood that I frequently find myself in.
But there is more to it than just that: a personal friend of mine (my tax person) was a  personal friend of a man who died there.
From my perch... shit is real, ok?

I know, I know...
People seeking refuge.
The 'tempest tossed', if you will.
America should always be a beacon.
It is who we are.
But we also need to be careful.
Even back in the glory days of Ellis Island (my Nonuzz entered there in 1919, along with his father (my Nonuzzo) and his older brother) we were careful about who we allowed in.
Health, and other standards had to be met.
It was not uncommon for somebody to be refused entry on account of health and disease issues. (That's right... back in boat, sucker... we don't want you.)

Coming to America was a privilege, not a right, and many people, through no fault of their own, were not welcomed here.
America is a special place.
It is unique.
Nobody, not one person, from anywhere, for any reason... should be entitled to enter our land.

We need to get back to that notion again if we want to preserve the specialness of American identity.

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Bike Bubba said...

Well said. What baffles me is how the left doesn't see how difficult it is to clear people who have lived in countries where significant factions, or even their own government, was trying to kill or maim them. Ya gonna trust Hafez Assad to tell you accurately that a guy he was trying to kill is a good bet? I don't think so.