Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mojado Nation

Since so much is happening in my neighborhood, I'll just go ahead and post some thoughts and ramblings, in an order as coherent as US immigration policy:

--It was broadcast early today that the Feds had given up on delivering any more bus loads of migrants to the Murrieta facility, after two previous loads had been turned back. The authorities has gone through the process of removing barricades and opening streets... 'Hey, it's all good, you win... Sorry bout the drama. No hard feelings, ok?'
Driving in to work at the moment,
and I'm thinking: it's a trick.
Nobody backs down Federal authorities and gets away with it. NOBODY! There will be buses, today, if not tomorrow, but they are coming...
and YES, they did...
and were turned back, for a third time, by an angry crowd.
These protester folks are good.
Sure, they left the impression of being off-guard, but they must have everybody on speed dial or something... with spotters far enough ahead to give advance notice to those on-site or near-site.

--The anti-migrant protestors seem like an honest bunch to me. I went there twice over the weekend... to check things out... get a vibe for the scene in person. While I was there, a dude bout my age walked up and offered to bring sodas, bottled water, some sandwiches... "whatever you need". He spoke in a clear, proper English with an obvious Spanish accent (Think Ricardo Montalban from Fantasy Island). I struck up some convo with him.
He's a migrant from Argentina, many decades ago... (paraphrasing) "who did it 'the right way, when nobody gave me anything'.  He stressed: I'm not anti-immigrant. I'm not anti-Latino. I am both, and pro both. My children are Latinos and Americans... And I'm an American, by choice. First and always. My choice. They need to do it the right way, with the right heart. This country gave me a chance when my old country never did. Have to respect that."

--the real reason I made two trips to the protest-vigil:
make personal contacts and hand out my business card.
It looked to me like things may get 'ramped up' and some folks would be needing bail... I wanted a piece of that action if I could get it.
Poltics, Shmolitics... I want your money,... whatever side you're on... I'm here, and I'm here for you.

--there were some arrests last Friday.
Backstory: La Raza showed up and began making their presence known, trying really really hard to piss people off and get both sides riled up. Prior to... things were boisterous and loud, but both sides were intent on keeping their own crew 'in check'. Police lines were respected, threats not tolerated... it was a peaceful demonstration and counter-demonstration.
It was La Raza that broke this code and tried to get the violence started.
And it was the La Raza peeps that got arrested. Six of them.

to be continued...


Mr. D said...

Great reporting -- and nice job being entrepreneurial. :)

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I've come back for the "to be continued..." I demand it! Gimme, gimme!

Gino said...

unfortunately, i havent scored $ from the gathering yet... damn folks being too well behaved.

Foxfier said...

I'm betting some locals "happen" to let it slip. I've heard the cops were not as enthusiastic as they could've been.