Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mojado Nation (Part Dos)

--Last word I hear is that the Feds have stopped trying to bus Mojaditos to Murrieta. I guess the public uproar was just too much. They're bringing them in through the back door, though, with several local Inland Empire churches already taking possession of several hundred individuals.
This is the type of charity that churches should be doing and I got no issue with that.

--The issue is do have with the churches (my own parish is complicit, as well) is their intent to spread the charity to the unwilling. Jesus taught that we must be charitable, individually. He never taught us to take our alms from another to credit ourselves.
But that's what the churches are doing. Helping the migrants navigate the with housing applications, food stamps, and medical care, free school lunches... all provided by taxpayers.
It's not charity when somebody is paying for your donation.

--In Mass this weekend the priest offered up a prayer 'for migrants, that they may find the peace and security they seek'. No mention of the 'the taxpayers, that they may find justice in a system stacked against them'. This is part of the problem within the Catholic Church and why so many are leaving the Faith. Those who pay the freight are expected to continue while all the spiritual services go to those who dont pay anything. Care for the underprivilaged is a good thing, but when it becomes a self serving fetish, things change.
We get lectured to become more accepting of those 'not like us', but those 'not like us' are not lectured toward their responsibilities toward us: like, volunteering for the church, learning the local language and ways, not trying to turn the congregation into another Mexican church where we feel like foriegners in our own parish. Demanding respect for your culture while dissing ours is no way to make friends.

--Having had to spend some time in one of the regions few emergency rooms, things are going to get a lot rougher around these parts with hundreds of free riders being added to the mix.

--the same goes for everything else relating to public services. This region is primarily a commuting population. It was hit hard in the recession and hasnt bounced back yet, with unemployment in the double digits (for those that are still in the workforce. Many of our residents are fixed-income retired, this region serving as the retirement zone for much of Los Angeles and Orange County.) 

--I don't have a problem with any one of the migrants on a personal level. If I was living in a mud hut and somebody was offering a free chance at something better for my kids, I'd take it too.


Foxfier said...

It's a lot easier to "take care" of people by signing them up for gov't programs than it is to take care of people by trying to make sure they know the basic binding teachings of the Church.

Drives me nuts when folks try to make me believe that people who will not respect property rights, Caesar's Law in so very many basics, do not pay the worker his wage (hospital my first was born in has more mothers ditch the bill than not-- and they usually aren't attached to the SSN they registered with) and so on... are going to "save" the Catholic Church in America.

Gino said...

hey Foxy, thanks for stopping in. and yes, i agree wholeheartedly. i really dont think they intend to save the church in america as much as they like feeling self-rightous. its that poverty fetish thing.

Foxfier said...

Absolutely. I do finally have a new RSS feeder-- The Old Feed-- but I don't spend much time on it these days. Something about three kids. :D

Thank goodness for "Feed my inbox." (Makes it so you can subscribe by email without a subscribe by email box.)