Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Cents

What happened last night was fairly shocking, but should not have been if one bothered to notice the lousy officiating that took place for 59 minutes and 52 seconds prior to that.
Because what had happened at 59:58 had largely already happened a few times prior...
Bad, lousy, shitty officiating from the very first snap.

Cheeseheads feel robbed. I get that.
Seahawks fans (I doknow a few) feel vindicated in light of the flag throwing shananigans that delivered something like 28 minutes of the second half to Green Bay's Offensive squad.
In the end, the Seahawks won, and their D earned it. (Lord knows... their O sucked as hard as Green Bay's)

Let us not forget that the Refs are as much a part of the game as the field surface.

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Jade said...

We don't generally watch football, but we ended up in a brewery for dinner that night, and D had the QB for the Packers playing in his fantasy football thingy, so we watched the game. There was quite a lot of yelling going on from the Seahawks fans around us. We had mixed reactions at our table, because we live in Seattle and should root for the home team, but D's fantasy football guy was on the other team. We cringed every time he was piled on, and at one point D said "Aren't the other guys on his team supposed to stop him from getting sacked like that?"