Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beyond A Week...

Forgive me, the damn, worthless, bag-o-shit blogger that I have become... letting you all down like that...

So what's going on with me?
Let me tell ya a little bit:
With this election thing going on, my Facebook fed was all hammered and slathered with every partisan, nit picky, less-than-accurate, minimally truthful charge against the 'other side'.
I was pretty bad, I tell ya.
A couple of nights ago, I fixed it.
For real, I really fixed it, with a single status update of my own...


The partisan self-masterbatory bullshit is gone from my feed, and I only had to block ONE stupidly obnoxious moron person in the process, as opposed to the dozen or so who were causing all of the trouble.

Maybe, just maybe, 99% of humanity are really pretty cool if given the option, and its just the 1% who are gonna be jerks anyway, no matter what.

So, the latest tally of my life:
It contains a dozen or so cooler people who weren't there last week, and one less jerk.

Not bad.


Mr. D said...

That's why I almost never post politics on FB. It's a poor forum for it in a lot of ways and a lot of what gets posted is truly irritating. And I have a lot of lefty pals from my college days. I assume they can figure out I don't agree with them if I don't go liking their posts and clapping like a harp seal at their observations. Music and vacay pictures -- that's what FB is for me.

RW said...

I'm pretty fed up with almost everybody I know... on FB or off.

Lies from my old reactionary friends and bullshit parroted from misanthropes like Limbaugh and Coulter. Then I turn around and some dolt is touting the lies and bullshit from Michael Moore or

I've pretty much had it.

Two sides / same coin, and self-serving bullshit no matter where it comes from.

The partisan hacks are one thing, irritating enough with their bias and kool aid and intransigent dogma. But people who just copy and paste and don't even read are another thing.

Color me sick of the whole steaming pile of shit.

Gino said...

RW: for me its like this... if somebody wants to type a staus in his own words, and tell me why his guy is better than the other guy.... ya know, actually put some thought into it, maybe engage a differing opinion... that would be one thing.

but that shit dont happen on facebook.

facebook is for cat pictures, kid updates, and how your day is going.
there are blogs for the other stuff.

Palm boy said...

RW says it well.