Friday, September 21, 2012

Because Islam Sucks, That's Why!

America's food scold just won't quit
As part of her anti-obesity Let's Move campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama is now presenting a brief online course: “Supermarket Shopping 101.”

“Focus on the perimeter of the store first--that’s typically where you’ll find the produce, meat and dairy sections, which stock fresh, whole foods that should comprise the bulk of your shopping list.”
Yeah, maybe for the people she knows. In this economy, the folks I know are too busy trying to make the most of what they got. This means ramen noodles, tortillas and processed foods. Pink Slime will be making a comeback soon...
Here's a hint: that bargain rack, in the side hall. Great prices on dented canned goods. Fill yer pantry with this stuff, and the dollar goes a tad further.  All that 'damaged' produce makes a large pot of soup for under a buck, too.

Fantasy Football. I'm in it for the first time. After two weeks, I'm dwelling in the bottom half of my league. We'll see how it goes. (Thanks, Robert!)

I think it's time to give up on the notion that large swaths of the world will ever truly like us.  In a Shreds Administration, I would aim for 'tolerable', while we exploited their natural resources. They don't need to love us. Just sell us all their cool shit at real cheap prices, and our relationship will work out just fine.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor made a grand flying tour of California today, mounted on the back of a 747 (must've been some killer-ass bunjies holding that thing down), flying low (something like >2,000 feet), escorted by a pair of F-18s (well,  I think they were F-18s. Two of them, anyway... this I know. )... on it's way to a permanent home at some museum in Los Angeles.
This was all The Talk.
History happening before our eyes.
Oh, shut up!
The Shuttle is NOT flying.
It is dead, being transported to it's mausoleum on the back of a 747 hearse.
"But it's history in the making!"
NOT! It's a dead, hollowed-out shell of a former Space Shuttle. They took out all the cool stuff already.
"How do you know? It's going to a museum and the museum might want that shit...."
Because it passed through Los Angeles already. Somebody got all the copper...

Still, it was cool hanging around the parking lot at work, 'watching history' for well over hour, waiting for it to pass by... and getting away with it... on over time!


Bike Bubba said...

Liked the comment on diet; having fed my family on the perimeter of the store plus the baking aisle for years, though, I half wonder if the best way to improve health AND budgets would be to teach people how to, say, make their own tortillas and such. My kids do it pretty well, and it cuts the cost from about $2/pound to about 40 cents per pound with a little work. Noodles are the same way.

(in other words, canned and packaged foods are anything but cheap to the person who knows how to use a bag of flour or masa)

Gino said...

home made tortillas are awesome. someday, i'll have to try it myself.

Palm boy said...

That would require a post. Bubba, you first. Preferably in your new shirt ;)

Gino! Welcome to the fantasy football cellar my friend. It gets cold down here. :(

Gino said...

Robert: remind me to never take yer advice in FFB again. (btw,i just traded cutler for Rivers.) LOL

Bike Bubba said...

Palm Boy; I've actually got a recipe for baguette that can--with interruptions at the right place--be made into chapatti, tortillas, noodles, naan, pita, matzo, and a host of other things. Kinda illustrates how out of control our packaged food society has gone.