Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Drama Comes To An End

Been slow with the action here that past several weeks. Sorry about that. It's what happens when you try to avoid political news in the midst of a heated election season, and are too busy to look around at what else is out there.

Oh, that... and my computer crashed. The last few days I've been using an old one that I had laying around that isn't much faster than a dial-up connection. It takes the fun out of 'looking around the neighborhood', so to speak.

And... fighting with the Home Owners Associations of two different homes in two different cities.
Seems the last HOA fined me for growing some weeds near the side gate after I failed to respond to a 'Request For Explanation' or to attend a scheduled hearing in which I would be allowed a defense.
The pisser: I had snuffed out the weeds a few days after recieving notice to do so, yet failed to notify them of my compliance.
You see: I have to tell them to come and inspect my property again, or they assume that I did not take care of the violation. Why is that? Because they are too stupid to notice the defoiliation when they came around to notice that my trash cans were left on the curb overnight, and sent me another notice of violation.

Hey, you bastards... see that 'For Sale' sign in the yard, and the 'In Escrow' sign above that? No cars in the driveway, Jehovah Witness fliers in the door, and the lights are never on?
Have you noticed the fucking grass is still green, and mowed weekly? The flowerbeds all flowery and colorful?
Ya ever stop to think that maybe we moved and don't quite make it out here every fucking day to kiss your arrogant asses, while still keeping the property up the best that we could within all practicality...
Ever think of that?

Oh yeah... that 'Request For Explanation' and subsequent hearing that I never responded to nor attended: I didn't know about either one.
And they knew that, having received the correspondences in returned mail, after having filed Change of Address with the post office... which forwarded every worthless thing you can imagine to my new address... except the stuff from the HOA.

My call had now been transfered to the lawyer of the HOA... or the lawyer's 'office chick', whatever... same difference...
(law offices will employ the 'chick tactic' (i.e. having a babe on the phone to handle angry men who are more likely to be less 'masculine' (ie, assertive, determined) in order to sooth pissed off dudes and have their way with them. I.O.W.: screw them out of their money, cause that's what it's all about ...)

It did not work.
Ok, so you are fining me because I failed to attend a hearing that you know I was not informed off?
Mr Gino... we have photos of the violations, and copies of the notices that were sent out...
Have you recieved any confirmation that I had recieved notice of the hearing?
No, you did not,
Mr Gino, the by-laws clearly state that you must notify the HOA of any address changes...
That was not necessary. I was still recieving mail, and collecting it regularly, at the (old)) address.
You did not notify us of any forwarding address-
That was not required. I am still the owner of the property in question. I have collected the mail regularly. That means that this address is still legit for reaching me...
Mr Gino, you were given an opportunity...
"An opportunity" is a little vague, dont you think?
YOU KNEW, that I did not know of a hearing...
A hearing in which to offer a defense...
A defense that I am entitled to by law.
Am I right???

Well, Mr Gino-
Am I Right?
Let me talk to-
I won't pay it.
You were given a chance.
We we'll met again... in court, cause I ain't payin this...
you know that, right?...
You cool with that?
I am....
Yo, Miss Paula? you There?
Mr Gino, we sent notice-
No way...
You ain't playing this game with me...
Our records show that you were noti-
Then sue me!

I hung up.

Less than fifteen minutes later, I recieved a call-back from Paula informing me that they had waived the bullshit fine.

I win.

On a better note, docs were signed and the sale was funded yesterday morning. I'm done with that house. It's over.


Mr. D said...

HOAs -- for malicious bastards who aren't ambitious enough to become bureaucrats.

Glad it's over for you, Gino.

Anonymous said...

Hope you sold it to a cat hoarder who grows pot and thinks mother nature should take care of the yard. KD

Palm boy said...

Gino, the homeowners hero. Well done sir.