Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Week Shall Not Pass

July is deadliest month of 2012 for US troops
Casualties rose steadily each year before reaching a peak in 2010 when 492 personnel were killed.
Maybe it is just my imagination, but I distinctly remember a national press corps that too often seemed giddy with outrage when reporting the deaths of troops under that stupid, war monger, Bushitler president.
Today, it seems that these (even higher number of) deaths are hardly noticed in the media at all.

Important reading for every citizen and taxpayer. Go read it.

Pussy Riot babes were sentenced to two years in prison. I guess the conviction is for 'hooliganism' and not freedom of speech. Of course, we all beleive that, don't we?
Normally, I am sensitive to sacred places and churches and things like that. It really pisses me off to see the queers rampaging through their selected enemy worship services with their disruptive and threatening antics. (I'm still waiting for the first homo to try that stunt at a Nation of Islam service, though). I don't appreciate such rude behavior at all. There is a difference between intellectual/social dissent and being an ass just because you can get away with it.
I think sound and solid asswhippings, on-site, should be justified by law whenever instances such as these occur.
That said, over here we live with a separation of Church and State. When the Russian Orthodox Church ties itself as closely to the governemnt as it has, it must expect to become a legitimate target of anti-government protest.

Somewhere in Chicago a monument commemorates Barrack and Michelle's first kiss. Not be outdone, the Clinton camp is searching Little Rock to mark the site of Bill's first blow job.

You need look no further for proof of Hollywood's creative irrelevancy than the release of The Expendables 2.


John said...

I had just assumed no one returned from the last writers strike so management has been forced to reuse old scripts they've found lying around. Or maybe Twitter marks the end of creative writing, as it used to exist.

Anonymous said...

A few years back the guide on a 3-hour walking tour of Chicago made this dramatic presentation at the spot where Barack and Michelle first met...big whoop, I was more interested in the O'Leary cow story; at least the cow just destroyed most of Chicago, Obama's destroying the whole country. He redeemed himself at the next and final stop, so I went ahead and tipped him anyway. Had we stopped with the Obama's story, I would have stiffed him. KD

Palm boy said...

This is the perspective of a young man, but I was under the impression that the official religion of the communist party in Russia, and in turn the current power structure, had been atheist for generations now. How is a blasphemy charge still possible?

Also, well played pun for Little Rock sir.

K-Rod said...

No blood for 710
No blood for 710

Gino said...

Robert: you are mixing up the USSR with Russia. different nations.