Friday, August 31, 2012


I was sittin around my next door neighbor's BBQ bash last week, chatting with the other neighbor folk (seems the MILF next door enjoys the company of her fellow cul-de-sac dwellers. It's a good thing, really....)... when out came the bottle of Fireball Whiskey.
"Do you drink?"
I'm a bourbon drinker, actually...
"Tried this one yet?"
Looking at the bottle, the label claims it is Canadian whiskey infused with cinnamon... 'tastes like heaven, burns as hell'...
"Wanna try some?"
(heh, that's a dumb question)
Sure, I'll give it a try...

They poured, I swirled.
It smelt like Red Hots candy. Very heavy on the cinnamon, no scent of an actual whiskey presence at all. Canadian Whiskey can be that way, though... a weak sauce. I wasn't expecting much in the 'whiskey' sense.
(Straight up!: 'Canadian Whiskey' is just a bargain version of 'Scotch'. Or a bargain version of 'Bourbon'. It's weak. No character of it's own, unless lacking character is character, itself. There. I said it.)

In the mouth: Smooth, really smooth... in the whiskey sense, yet...
WOW! this shit is HOT!
It rocked my mouth like a straight tablespoon of Sriracha Sauce.
Then it was gone.
Quite the eye-opening pick me up.
I wanted another (yeah, I got it...)

I can see how this would be an addictive elixir that would soon (enough) lose it's punch with me.
It's worth a try.
Go ahead and do it.
Just don't do it often, lest it be wasted.


Palm boy said...

Would it work well in coffee?

Gino said...


this for straight drinking, in shots. i think sipping would not give the intended effect.

think of it as Liquid Sriracha.

K-Rod said...

It's not real whisky, canadian ain't much either.

I agree that the Bulliet is good. I recently bought a bottle of the Jefferson Presidential 18 year!$$$!

I have been remiss on writing a review on my recent selections I've sampled with dad.

Gino said...

krod: kudos to you for seeing that Bulliet is good stuff. i LOVE Bulliet.
there is bourbon. and there is quality bourbon worthy of it's roots.

review it, i'll be watching.

Foxfier said...

I must disagree on it not being for sipping-- I love sipping this stuff. I've got some of those plastic tea cups that Chinese restaurants use. Of course, I also enjoy sipping Jaegermiester, warm.
It really is like drinking red hots.

Gino said...

foxfier: take a shot, at once. you will LOVE it when its done.