Monday, June 4, 2012

Lessons Learned

I apologize, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!, for the lack of timely posting.
Just about the time when I was getting a bit of a break from the break-neck pace of household relocation the Mill Bosses decided that we needed some overtime.
I been on 11hr and 13hr days for the past two weeks.
Life consists of working, sleeping, and driving...
Oh, and the rare moments of personal drama from a week ago.
('yeah, but what about the weekend?' you say...)
My weekend was filled, thank you very much.
Had to 'leave town' so-to-speak after punching the clock Friday afternoon, and did not return til Saturday night. (actually, I had to return to Gardena. It's northern ghetto to be more precise.  WOW. What a thrill seek that was. Even heard some gunfire while waiting for my fried chicken order.   (What? Fried chicken?  Yes. Ghetto-fried chicken beats The Colonel every. damn. time.) When the local Blacks are scared, you can imagine how tentative this guy felt. This is all part of another post that may not get posted. Just rest assured... this 24 of mine beats anything you've ever experienced, including your honeymoon.)
Y'all getting that?

Drama aside...
The past week has been one of spiritual and intellectual growth.
Yes, that's right. I've learned a few things:

First, I learned that attempting to avoid a google search by personally affected parties when commenting on a story does not work when you link to that story.
I am aware of my tendency to use potentially offense terminology (like 'moron', 'idiot', 'imbecile'... or others) when sharing an experience that may involve another.
For that reason, I try to avoid google search hits so as not to cause an offense where none was intended, especially when the situation may involve  one with a personal interest in the story.
Public figures, attention whores, and politicians... these I don't give a whiff of a shit about.
It's the regular, normal everyday folks that I do.
An innocent family member goes through enough trauma/drama after a tragedy such as that. They don't need to read the sometimes impolite remarks of unimportant guys like me.
I know this, having lost my own sister rather tragically just 4 yrs ago.

Second: I've learned that when a stranger reaches out in compassion, their intent is very likely the same that mine would be should the roles be reversed. As it turned out, I had a  comforting (and valuable) conversation with a very sweet lady a continent away.
Blogging opens my world.  I am grateful for it. More specifically... grateful for those who choose to enter my world through it.
Without readers and the relationships they bring,  blogging would be a pointless bag of suckage,... times ten... multiplied again by twenty.
Yer getting my point here, right?

Third: Next time I see a car parked at the apex of an overpass, I will not hesitate. I will STOP! and interrupt what is likely to take place, because now I know.

Fourth: a lifeless body lying on the road is/was loved by somebody.
It's more than a body.
It's a brother, a son, an uncle, a father, a step-father or husband.
Yeah, I always knew this, but sometimes it is good and righteous to be reminded of it, and keep it in mind for next time.

To Robert Rowely: though we never really met,  your death was not in vain. I have learned and grown from it.
One thing I do know is that you have positively touched the lives of many.
Such is the measure of a life worthy of remembrance and respect.
I pray to Almighty God that you have at last found the peace that you deserve.
As to my respect: It's yours.

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John said...

Nicely put. I had wrestled with an appropriate course of action, and in the end decided while I could understand your pain, I really didn't have the insights to offer on how best to deal with it. I am glad someone did. John