Monday, June 4, 2012

God Dis The Queen

after all George Washington went through... it distresses me to see Americans fawning over the queen this way.
Forget that uppity .0001% broad.
We are Americans, damn it...
Live like Americans and stop sucking queen ass.


Brian said...

If you really want to piss off an Englishman, congratulate him on a century of peaceful rule by Germans.

Gino said...

love it.

personally, i LOVE brits. all of them (mostly). they are a most awesome people, who provided the impetus for much of what is right in the world today. (Abbott Ale in kegs, for example)

its just that Queen fetish of theirs that irks me, and even more so when its practiced by Americans.

the only Queen out of britain worthy of my respect is the rock band, cause at least they worked for it.
(loosely held secret: I'm a Queen fan/fetishist from since before you were born)

Brian said...

Some of my favorite people are Brits. That's how I know how to get under their skin :)

Also, half of my household is technically a subject of the Queen, though we don't make much of a fuss of it. No commemorative plates or anything, is what I'm saying.

That said...I think that there is something to be said for the modern monarchy as practiced (or should I say practised?) by the British, in that the functions of head of state (i.e., the personification of the nation, all the ceremonial stuff) and head of government (i.e., the Prime Minister) are neatly separated. In a non-parliamentary republic such as ours, we tend to confer head of state status on our head of government. Which is arguably why a lot of presidents (and aspirants thereunto) tend to be treated--and act a lot--like royalty.

For example, I think a lot of our republican founders would recoil at the oft-repeated admonition to "respect the office".

No shame in liking the other Queen. They were amazing.

Gino said...

maybe we should elect a random 'head of state/personification of the nation' figure every year, who has no power to speak of.

give them a bunch of free shit, bow down and kiss their personified ass... because, ya know... its a loyalty thing.

Gino said...

and i really do think you should own a commemorative plate or two... just to be cool with the In Crowd.
maybe even a Diana plate to show how you are edgy and shit.

Foxfier said...

I like Her Majesty. She's got class, style and a nice dose of screw-you that's delivered politely. (Story: recent-decade ish, the queen was on a hunt, shot a bird, flubbed it, and strangled the poor thing; instant outcry. She went to church the next week wearing a hat with the bird's feathers on it.... instant hoo-rah, Queen lady! Even my Grandmother, who hated the English with a passion, liked the gal.)

The other Queen did the theme song for the Highlander show; nuff said. *swoon*

Gino said...

i dont dis the lady for being who she is. she was born to a lifetime gig, and rides it well. who wouldnt.

its the whole idea of monarchy that chaps my hide, and those fools who relish it.