Monday, May 28, 2012

Reality Shows That I Appreciate

I've never gotten into reality programming in the past but it seems some producers  have finally hit on a few things I can get on board with viewing and sold their wares to NatGeo.

Yeah, all the good stuff seems to be on NatGeo now days.

What I like about some of these shows is that they provide the subjects a venue to explain themselves to outsiders on their own terms.

"Sister Wives",  featuring a Mormon polygamist and his four wives pulled this off probably the best of all of them. I enjoyed the first half-season before moving on. To their credit, they did a O.K. job of stating their case in the face of much detraction. I'm not a fan of the polygamy idea, but hey, to each his own. Live and let live.

"All-American Muslim", now defunct, showed me nothing that I didn't already know about American-Muslims from my years in my hometown of Anaheim. I thought it was important that the hicks, hayseeds, and christianist retards of the country see for themselves that these folks are really no different than the rest of us if given the chance.

"Wild Justice", is still my favorite. I like watching game wardens from my home state trapesing through the brush catching poachers. Well... I like the idea of catching poachers anyway. In this case, it's the scenery that grabs me, that part of California that is very unlike what everybody thinks California is.

"Amish Out Of Order" is another winner. It follows the lives of various Amish-raised young men after they leave the confines of their closed society and try to build life outside of it in the real world. Very informative from where I sit. Entertaining too, which is the whole point.

Like I said, reality programming such as this provides a platform for fringe groups, or 'societies existing out of the main' if you will, to present themselves in a brighter light. To tell their story, their way, on their terms.
Then there is "Navajo Cops".
(Insert great, big, fat, juicy ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! here.)
O.K, you injun savages.
This is your chance to tell your story.
We gave you a camera and crew.
And all we get is one fucking drunken injun after another:
Drunken injuns performing domestic violence.
Drunken injuns shooting guns.
Drunken injuns living in trailors.
Drunken injuns driving trucks.
Drunken injuns getting drunker...

Hey, Navajos, did your tribal council actually approve of this message?
Now I know why some of my ancestry chose to become French.

**Bonus Cool Points if you could name the band in the photo. I doubt that even the illustrious Mr. D gets this one.

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