Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nearly a Week

I've have very little to say and less to blog about this past week. It's not totally my fault as my attentions were glued to the goings on in the Midwest.
I felt that I just had to wait and allow events to unfold before I was sure that I had some clue to what it was I was looking at.

What has taken place will potentially effect many of us for years to come. This I recognise.
Understanding it is something else but I'm going to offer up a word or two. I have a blog, so why not?

Here goes...

Jerry Angelo has been fired as General Manager for the Chicago Bears. I think this was a few seasons too late. The Bears should have never gone three years without an effective O-Line, or reliable receiver corps.
This is all at his feet.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz has 'resigned'. He was on contract through the Super Bowl (yeah, big whoop), but chose to leave his office early, citing 'philosophical differences'. Yeah, I'll say. His philosophy says the Quarterback should be getting creamed on every snap, and Lovie Smith (along with Jay Cutler) disagreed with that vision.

The Bears should have never hired this asshole two seasons ago in the first place, His shit don't work unless you have 5 future Hall Of Famers starting on offense, and that would require better drafting and personnel hiring (Jerry Angelo), as opposed to grabbing washed up veterans that used to be decent and thinking you could plug a hole.
And why, oh why... would you want to run a scheme that guarantees your QB will get brutalized? Mike Martz should never calls plays again. Anywhere.

My suggestions for next year: the Bears need to spend some money in Free Agency for wide receivers, and draft O-line in the early rounds. In the later rounds, don't look at undersized speed-receivers anymore. We need big guys who can reach up and fight for the ball.
Oh, and get a new Receivers coach while you're at it.

I won't say the future is looking brighter just yet, but a glimmer of hope as been found beyond the horizon.

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Mr. D said...

Actually, that's a pretty good to-do list there, Gino. Perhaps you should throw your hat into the ring for the GM job yourself. I'm sure the McCaskeys would find your salary demands reasonable.