Monday, January 23, 2012

I Am Winning

A couple weeks ago I laid down for another follow-up MRI. I need to do this every year to keep an eye on the bit tumor that still lingers in my head after the events of three-plus years ago.

First off, the Doc sternly cautioned me to not wait so long in between scans. Like I said, I'm supposed to have them every twelve months. I had the previous one in May... of 2010. Yeah, well... I got busy with other issues.
He wasn't accepting any excuses.
You see, if this thing starts to grow again, it will most likely expand northward instead of southward. Northern real estate, he didn't to remind me but did anyway, gets a lot more complicated than the already complicated enough lower region they were clearing out before.

Then he smiled and asked if I was ready for the good news.
Well, yeah...

The tumor is shrinking. Using before and after scans he showed me on the screen where it used to be, and where it now resides... in his estimation, it's shrunk by about half.

He was quite pleased. Shrinkage is not expected in the procedure I had, but it's been known to occur in rare cases.

Like I said before, I am Mister 10% through this whole set of circumstances. Usually falling into the 10% that doesn't cooperate as well as the other cases.
Given my history I wasn't completely expecting the tumor to stay exactly how they left it, but I was more or less preparing myself for future growth, not reduction.
I'll take it and be happier than I already was.

Now that my cranium has some empty space, I think I'll fill it with something. Bourbon comes to mind.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Sounds good.

my name is Amanda said...

Happy to read about your winningness. :)

Brian said...

Glad to hear it, man!

Mr. D said...

Great news, my friend. And your suggestion for self-medication seems apt, too!

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Jade said...

:) That is great news!

kr said...

congrats :)!

lumberjack said...

Very good news. It's great when things go right.

Anonymous said...

Yay Gino!!! Great News.