Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Outrage

Muslims outraged by claim of fake halal meat

Last week, the Orange County D.A.'s office announced that it had obtained a $527,000 settlement against Anaheim Super King Market, at 10500 Magnolia Ave., after investigators determined that the market was incorrectly advertising and selling generic meat and mixed meats as halal.

Located just a few blocks from where I was living, I had shopped at Super King several times, but I had never bought meat there. Their meat counter more closely resembled a Mexican meat counter, and I generally do not trust carnecerias for cleanliness and quality. The immediate neighborhood was mostly Mexican anyway, and there appeared to a lot of catering to that ethnic segment of the realm as well...

I much preferred to buy my beef, chicken and occasional lamb at a specialised Halal butcher located a neighborhood over, in the center of the Little Gaza district. The place was clean and looked it, the meat fine quality, and Mohamed was always happy to see me. You'll pay a little more for halal, but it's worth it.

And that is what was different about Super King: the prices were not proper Halal prices. It still costs more than the standard meats, but not as much as I was expecting. My assumption was that the meat was maybe not as fresh or something like that, which kept the pricing a little below scale. It never occurred to me that this merchant would be dastardly enough to screw his Muslim base. (the merchant, I was told long ago, was an Armenian ethnic, not a Muslim, and had long ties to the hood through other Middle Eastern grocery markets.)

Calling meat halal indicates that it was slaughtered in a specific way, in accordance with Islamic Law.
"I'm shocked by it. My whole family is very disappointed," said Sam Chouche, 23, of Anaheim who shopped at the store. "It specifies in the Quran that you must eat meat in a certain way, that you shouldn't eat meat killed inhumanely. It's our faith."

It's not wise to piss off your Muslim base. I recon Super King will be out of business before long, and rightfully so.

"We just cannot believe this," said Shakeel Ahmed of Anaheim. "It's very disgusting, and all (of my) family is very upset – so upset that we throw up and cry."

This is a typical Muslim response when they've discovered they have unknowingly eaten something unclean. I know Muslims who are so emotionally conditioned that they become physically sickened at the thought, and are prone to uncontrollable vomiting. I've seen this myself.

The settlement money doesn't go to individual victims, because it would be too difficult to determine who exactly was victimized, a D.A.'s spokeswoman has said. Instead, the money goes into a fund to help prosecute fraud cases.

I am damn glad that they popped this asshole of a merchant, but I disagree with the D.A. here. We may not know the names of every individual victim in this case, but we don't need to because this is not merely a crime against individuals, but an assault upon an entire ethnic community. And a pleasantly valuable community at that, one that has kept a entire business district of the county humming along nicely with few crime and social issues.

We don't need their names because we already know where they hang out: at any one of half a dozen mosques in the area. I think justice would be better served if that $527,000 were divided up among them, right there, where they worship and pray.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

You could use it to pay for one heckuva community grill-out. With the right kind of meat of course.

Gino said...

i might even show up for that.

mosques do a lot of the same things that Christian churches do, in regards to helping the poor,etc. its a tenet of the faith. i was thinking it would go for things such as that.

but the grill out would be a great outreach opportunity.

Brian said...

Interesting that this comes up just a scant week after Pam Geller's bizarre freakout about allegedly halal turkeys being produced by Butterball without telling us.

(Seriously, read the piece. It is completely insane.)

My response to it was two-fold:

1) There is no way an industrial-scale meat producer like Butterball could kill all its turkeys by strict halal standards, without employing hundreds of people to do nothing but pray and slit throats.

2) The much more likely scandal would be someone selling meat that they claim is halal that is, in fact, not.

So there you go.

BTW, I agree that restitution to the community's mosques would be completely appropriate.

Gino said...

gellar is totally making shit up in the name of slurring islam. the kosher method of killing (slicing trachea,etc...) is exact the same halal. no difference whatsoever, and is designed to produce not a toturous death, but a quick and more painless one.
kosher rules are ritualistically more strenuous, but that is the only real difference.
halal observant muslims can and do eat kosher meats, but jews cannot eat halal due to the ritualistic requirments of kosher (presence of a rabbi, etc...)

this Gellar woman is nothing more than hate hung with tits.

Brian said...

The similarities between kosher and halal also occurred to me--I'm no expert on either, but my understanding has always been that with regard to the mechanics of slaughter, they were essentially the same. Which makes Geller's rant all the more nuts (and yes, hateful.)

Bike Bubba said...

Hateful, but more important for a Randian like Geller, ignorant. The difference between kosher slaughter and standard slaughter is that the animal is not stunned prior to killing it--keep in mind that if the carotids are cut properly, the animal loses consciousness in about four seconds anyways, and if the animal does not quickly lose consciousness, it's not kosher anymore.

There are a number of other things for kosher butchering that also make the meat more healthful--they check the lungs for smoothness to avoid TB or other infections and such, too.

Regarding halal, what I saw in Malaysia when I was there did NOT impress me, to put it mildly. More or less, the carcass was hanging there with an incredible stench (and mess) in 90 degree heat in the middle of the store. Sorry, but the rabbis wouldn't call that one good. Hopefully halal here is better.

Gino said...

halal is more concerned with the method of slaughter, which is identical to kosher, and not so much with post-mortem handling, which kosher is.