Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back To The Stone Age, Not.

We've talked about the Caveman Diet before.
Now we have a restaurateur offering paleolithic cuisine for all those trendy hipsters in Berlin:
Proudly announcing a 'Real Food Revolution - Paleolithic cuisine!', there is no cheese, bread or sugar available, only fare accessible to our hunter-gatherer ancestors more than two million years ago.
The menu includes salads with olives, capers and pine nuts; gluten-free bread with nut-based butter or olive tapenades; smoked salmon with herb dressing; and other various meat and fish dishes.
Gluten- and sugar-free cakes, like a spicy pumpkin pie, are available for those Stone Age diners who don't want to skip desert.
Because caveman was all about baked goods with spread and cured fruit...

Not buying it.
A real caveman restaurant would be offering up sun-rotted meat, yard clippings, offal, raw eggs of indeterminate origin and maybe have live crickets and lizards walking around, self serve. Dessert, if it existed, would be whatever fruit was growing wild that month.

Not sure if the trendies would pay money for that menu, though. Claiming to go paleo just isn't as cool as being paleo.


Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Yeech! That sounds like the horrible diet I was on when I couldn't eat gluten, dairy or sugar when I was very ill, years ago. How anyone would subject themselves to that nightmare from hell on purpose is beyond me.

I'll stick to cooked meat, delicious touches of sweets, wheat, potatoes and other food that cavemen were too uncivilized and technologically inept to eat.

John said...

I read the article a couple of weeks ago and the first thing that popped into my head was where were they getting their Mammoth meat?

Brian said...

I go to a Mexican restaurant here and odds are the cook didn't just finish an oil change out back. Go to a Vietnamese restaurant and they have chairs made for adults. Ethiopian, and they actually have food.

Sometimes authenticity is overrated is what I am saying ...

Gino said...

Brian: that was funny.