Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is That The Best You Got?

Romney, Gingrich at GOP debate: We'd go to war to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons

Romney said that if "crippling sanctions" and other strategies fail, military action would be on the table because it is "unacceptable" for Iran to become a nuclear power.

Gingrich agreed, saying that if "maximum covert operations" and other strategies failed there would be no other choice. First, though, the United States consider "taking out their scientists," and "breaking up their systems, all of it covertly, all of it deniable," Gingrich said. (watch at left)

"If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And if you elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon," said Romney.

Let's get something understood: We don't have the money, the resources or the manpower to wage a war against a nation such as Iran.

We cannot afford it at any level, and such an effort would be doomed to failure even if we could.

I don't know if this is Gingrich's and Romney's idea of pandering to the Judeophiles who infect their party or if they are seriously considering the option.
Either way, I cannot imagine that I would be voting for any ticket that places one of them at the top.


Brian said...

I wonder how many of those clowns could tell you when the last war started by the Persians was. (Maybe Gingrich. Maybe.)

I mean I'm no fan of the Islamic Republic, and they certainly aren't pacifists (support for Hezbollah, etc.) But no one can seriously argue that there is much of an aggressive or expansionist tendency, there.

If my second biggest enemy was regularly threatening preemptive strikes and my biggest had occupying forces on either side of me, I'd want nukes, too.

Gino said...

not to mention an historically expansionist nieghbor to the north that DOES have nukes.

Mr. D said...

Okay, then who would you vote for, Gino? Or would you sit it out? Not that it matters, since Obama is likely to win CA no matter how you vote, of course.

Gino said...

btw: i'm moving to Ohio just in time to vote in the next election. now, try to convince where i'm wrong.

Mr. D said...

I'm not trying to convince you of anything, Gino. Just presenting a hypothetical.

Brian said...

You're really moving to Ohio? Well, then your vote will sort of count, maybe!

For my part, the one thing that the GOP candidates have collectively accomplished that Obama has not is getting me motivated to vote for Barack Obama again.

Gino said...

i could handle any number of collective imperfections in a candidate at this time, we need a serious change at the top and through out the administration to turn things around...

but, if we are headed for another war all that gain would be lost and then some. in this case, the status quo is the safest bet.
and the status quo sucks ass on a level i havent seen since 1980.