Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scenes From The Road

OK, the Rapture is officially over. Either I didn't make the cut, like the rest of you who are still able to read this, or this is Heaven, because we know that all a man really needs is Bible and a level of conceit to find the Truth (and make some money from the guillable faithful, if he's talented enough.)

On to the real news...
About the best thing that's happened around these parts is my triumphant return home from my triumphal visit to Seattle and the lands that lay between. I don't think I'll ever tire from that drive, though I could do without the Los Angeles-Sacramento portion of it, much of which now looks like this:

California's central valley was once among the world's leading producers of cotton. Last year, the Feds decided some pissy little mud minnow to the north needed more water for itself and placed a stop to water flowing south.
Today, instead of miles and miles of cotton farms, you can see miles and miles of this.
Ain't that special?

I always get a chuckle out of this sign. >>>

I love the smell of ag in the morning...
This is a wheat field somewhere near Los Banos, south of Sacramento. The sweet smell of fresh green farmland was one reason why I make this drive.

A big snow season has passed and Mount Shasta should be providing plenty of fresh water to the streams and rivers for a good while.

No bull, it's actually a bellowing cow sculptured from scrap metal. My favorite landmark, it looks almost real as you drive by at highway speeds, just a few miles north of Weed, at the base of Mt Shasta.
I'm no art aficianado, but this is art if you ask me.

Just south Oregon:

Seeing just a small fraction of the grandness of creation makes me realize just how insignificant I really am., and how much more awesome the Creator really is.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Thanks for the pictures, Gino. I really need to get out that way in a car with some muscle and take it all in.

Mr. D said...

Great pix, Gino. I really have to make that drive, too.

Jade said...

Looks like Mt. Ashland there :)
I've taken that drive many times throughout my life, I could also do without the LA - Sacramento stint of it. Shasta seems to go on for-ever, but at least it's pretty.

Gino said...

i can imagine jade up there with a camera. we wouldnt get her back for weeks.