Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pies & Pints

I found a nice place in Seattle that offers some really solid grub: Pies & Pints, just north of the U District.

It's just as the name sounds, with the focus being pot pies and beer. They got other stuff too, but I didn't venture that far down the menu board.

We ordered up some pies and sides, and a pitcher of red ale from Odin's Brewing, a local producer. Seems most establishments in and around the region like to focus on the regional breweries. I like that idea myself, and wish it would catch on more in SoCal.

The pies are all hand made. I ordered the Steak and Potato with a side of mash. I found the crust nice and flaky, the beef was tender and seasoning in the gravy was about right for me (though my daughter bitched a little about it.) The mash was more along the line of what your mother would make at home (with real spuds) as opposed to typical restaurant quality (from flakes).And the wait staff (though not as heavily tatted (or as rough looking) as those gals(?) you'll find in Portland's breakfast joints) was friendly, attentive and knew their beers.

It's a hearty meal for about $15 per person and you'll enjoy the pub atmosphere. I went there twice in three days, it's that good.


Brian said...

I've been meaning to get up there for a's off my beaten path but right up my alley (to mix geographic metaphors.)

While we're talking about your recommendations, I did finally watch Winter's Bone this weekend, and yes, that is one excellent movie.

Gino said...

and the pizza at your local was awesome, too.

thanks for seeing that film. i now feel vindicated. :)

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

That makes me nostalgic for St Paul, MN's Irish pubs.